Plumbing Consulting Services include Concept to Commissioning of following:
  Identifying Water Source : Feasibility Study of the Natural Water Source based on Daily Water Requirements and its Criticality.
  Plumbing : Designing of complete Water Supply System from its Source to End Use covering following:
  • Long Distance Pipe Lines : Techno-Economical estimation of different pipelines in case the water source is located at a distance and for high water requirements.
  • Water Treatment : Water Treatment Plants for potable water, RO/DM Plants for special quality water needs and Effluent Treatment Plants to satisfy pollution norms
  • Storage Systems : Assessment and Designing of Storage Systems considering daily water requirements and need for water storage to cater lean periods and pumping/pipeline breakdowns.
  • Distribution Networks : Identifying water requirement of various needs, Designing Headers and Distributaries for proper and efficient water supply management.
  Rain Water Harvest : Preserving Rain water for consumption. Raising water levels in the earth:
  Storm Water Drain : Designing of complete Storm Water Drainage System considering local climatic conditions.
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