Driton has been founded by a team of experienced, dynamic & innovative MEP & Lighting design professionals with vast experience & expertise exceeding 3 decades.
  Driton will continuously strive to deliver innovative and cutting edge consulting solutions in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and MEP & Lighting design domain.
  Driton delivers innovative MEP & Lighting design solutions to the Builders & Developers/Industries/IT/Retail/Government & Private Segment.
  Driton will deliver Customer Value in each Customer interface throughout Enquiry to Delivery
  Driton Solution will comply with all Regulatory Standards and Norms set by the authorities time to time
  Driton Solutions will embed high Quality in all the deliverables by following set methodology and processes
  Driton will remain committed to the Customers, Stakeholders and Employees in all the aspects of business relationship
Driton Team:
The Driton team comprises of Mentors, Engineers and Analysts. Each Driton team member brings with him Innovative edge driven by commitment to deliver Customer Value. The Mentors provide Directions and Goals to the team and Engineers and Analysts strive to achieve the goals set by the Mentors. Mentors facilitate the teams with their wisdom and experience in order to deliver cutting edge consulting solutions to the Customers. Let us introduce our team: "For Driton Team Profiles click here"
Driton’s EEDIFI Consulting Model:
Driton strongly believes in standardized and methodical way of problem solving which ensures Consistency, Quality and Timeliness (CQT) for the Solutions. The EEDFI model is developed by our Mentors to provide blue print to the team which imbibes CQT attributes to all the deliverables. EEDFI model emphasizes on systematic way of project execution so that Customer gets to see the perceived value in every aspect of the engagement. EEDIFI model provides the systematic methodology for Driton’s Consulting Solution delivery. EEDIFI consists of 6 phases Viz. Engage, Evaluate, Design, Integrate, Facilitate and Improve. "For more details on EEDIFI Model Click Here"
Electrical / Plumbing
Lighting Design