Driton strongly believe in standardized and methodical way of problem solving which ensures Consistency, Quality and Timeliness (CQT) for the Solutions. The EEDIFI model is developed by our Mentors to provide blue print to the team which imbibes CQT attributes to all the deliverables. EEDIFI model emphasizes on systematic way of project execution so that Customer gets to see the perceived value in every aspect of the engagement. EEDIFI model provides the systematic methodology for Driton’s Consulting Solution delivery. EEDIFI consists of 6 phases Viz. Engage, Evaluate, Design, Integrate, Facilitate and Improve
Engage :
Driton starts all the engagements with clear vision driven by Customer Needs and Priorities. Driton engages with the Client Stakeholders at macro level to understand the business needs, pain points and growth opportunities. Driton provides overview of Industry Best Practices which enable the client to identify growth opportunities within their organizations. Driton then provide recommendations and Road Map for Future State of the Organization. Once the conceptual clarity of the Future State is established the engagement is moved to the Evaluate phase.
Evaluate :
In this phase, Driton drills down the Macro level opportunities to Micro level. Driton conducts formal need assessment and need prioritization followed by the As-Is State assessment of the Client Organization. The output of the As-Is State assessment provides the Gaps as compared to the Future State envisaged in the Engage phase. Driton conducts R egulatory compliance need assessment to identify the key areas of Regulation compliance. Driton then gets into the Commercial Contract formalization process wherein the Techno-Commercial proposals are generated and submitted to the Client. The formal Techno-commercial approvals from the Client triggers the next phase i.e. Design Phase..
Driton’s Mentors and Engineers get on to the Design phase with the formal Business Requirements as per the Technical Contract. Driton team develops the Requirement Specifications which include all the technical needs and regulatory compliances. Once the Client approves the Specifications, the team identifies the probable solutions to the requirements. The team then conducts Feasibility Analysis for these solutions and then picks the best solution as per the Client needs. For the project to be successful Driton does the Risk Management through – Identification, Assessment and Prioritization. Each project Risk is then classified into Avoidance, Optimize, Transfer and Accept mode for developing Risk plan. The Solution design will then incorporate the Risk Response as per the classification. This ensures that all the Project Risks are treated appropriately ensuring the success of the project. Driton will then conduct the Implementation Planning an Integration planning of the Solution.
Integrate :
In the Integration phase Driton engineers will develop Execution Plan, Resource Plan, Performance Measurement Plan, Pilot Plan and Roll-Out Plan. Risk Plan is developed in accordance with the Risks identified in the Design phase. The Client is rest assured of the execution by meticulously Scheduled Milestones and Tracking process. The execution also ensures smooth and seamless integration of the new solution with the existing systems in the Client organization. Overall success of the project in terms of On-Time, On-Cost and On-Quality performance measures comes from the meticulous planning, defined execution process and Driton’s expertise.
Facilitate :
Post project execution the Client would appreciate Facilitation support for the new solution. The Facilitation comes from Training and Mentoring during Pilot and post Implementation phase. Training content Development and Delivery is Driton’s key strength which ensures smooth “Knowledge Transfer” to the Client Team. Driton will provide Mentoring support during the Pilot, Integration and Deployment phase of the project. The team of experts at Driton will help the Client in ensuring that the Solution Deployment is 100% and is fully functional in the Client environment. Driton team will also provide Auditing and Review support to ensure the consistency and continuity of the Solution. The benefit realization will be ensured by continuous measurement of the performance of the new Solution.
Improve :
Driton believes in continuous improvement process. Though the care is taken to make the Solution perfect for the Client need the improvement comes from changing business requirements and priorities. Driton keeps the focus by ongoing interaction with the Client Stakeholders and keeps an eye on Opportunity for improvement. Once the Opportunity for Improvement is envisaged, it is put through a rigorous process of Prioritize, Analyze, Plan and Implement. Once the improvement is implemented the performance measurement is put in place to track the benefits and formalize the new Process/Solution. The continuous improvement keeps us UP and RUNNING all the time..